With Hanroad, your journeys become simple, spontaneous and full of possibilities.

Onboard our vans, life is good. You have all the space required for enjoying wonderful experiences alone or in groups. Equipped as standard with a pop-up roof, all our vans are fitted out to comfortably accommodate up to five people both on the road and when stopping over.

van avec toit relevable hanroad


Day area

Enjoy a comfortable, bright lounge area for four to five people. Inside, you have plenty of room to install a table thanks to the large living area. The pop-up roof frees up space in the living area and allows you to stand up inside. The kitchen module is compact and functional thanks to its storage units. A stainless steel sink with glass cover, a two-ring stove and a fridge are included in the kitchen area.

We especially love the infinite number of possible uses. My wife loves cycling, I love surfing, and my children love their tablet. Everything has its place.


Night area

On terra firma or up among the clouds, you decide and Hanroad will do the rest. The rear bench seat converts into a double bed. The roof pops up to make room for a second sleeping area, offering total comfort thanks to its spring-base frame. The zip openings on the sides and front of the pop-up roof fabric allow you to make the most of the starry sky.

Every day, our children ask the same question: whose turn is it to sleep under the stars tonight?



Onboard the Hanroad Trek, enjoy lots of storage units: Two large drawers slide under the bench and are accessible beneath the seat. The table and its tripod fit into the lower section of the boot. Accessible from inside and outside, the shelves are concealed behind sliding shutters. Don’t leave anything behind, there’s room for it all!

fourgon aménagé hanroad sur base renault trafic vue de l'arrière garé face à la montagne

There’s no need to worry about what you’re going to bring on holidays.
All that matters is the destination.

  • Trek4

    Under 5 m - 4 Legal seats
  • Trek4 XL

    Under 6 m - 4 Legal seats
  • Trek5

    Under 5 m - 5 Legal seats
  • Trek5 xl

    Under 6 m - 5 Legal seats
  • Trek5+

    Under 5 m - 5 Legal seats