the new hanroad switch

The Hanroad SWITCH opens up whole a new world of possibilities. From daily travel around the city to welcome weekend getaways, this vehicle will meet all your needs. This includes large families, since the SWITCH can accommodate up to eight people.

One very special feature of the SWITCH is its Peugeot Traveller boot. Hanroad has turned this into an innovative space containing the bed, a kitchen and ingenious storage units.

endless possibilities for evenings and weekends

Specifically designed and manufactured using the Peugeot Traveller, the Hanroad SWITCH offers you an ideal all-in-one vehicle.

Five seats for week-day travel, two sleeping places for weekend adventures. The possibilities are infinite. You can also enjoy lots of storage space by removing the rear seats and storing a bicycle or other bulky items.

Now you have no excuse for staying at home!


I’d been looking for this kind of vehicle for a long time. It’s so great to know that you can do everything with your car!

there has never been a handier boot

The rear boot module is detachable and integrates everything you need for your travels.

  • The kitchen area is equipped with a one-ring gas stove, a large drawer for cutlery and utensils, and a retractable basin and faucet. A 10 L electric ice box will allow you to keep your food fresh.
  • Two 12-litre food-grade jerrycans, for storing clean water and waste water.
  • A 115x195 cm double bed, with a one-piece high-density foam mattress.
  • A kitchen unit which can be retracted to create a large storage area in the boot, with a pull-out drawer for storing all your shopping.

I’ve finally found the ideal vehicle for going on fishing trips every weekend.