Can I use Hanroad vans all year round?

As frequent users, the last thing we want is to be held back by our vehicles when we’re ready to hit the road. So our vehicles have been developed with this in mind. Summer or winter, our fitted vans are designed to be used all year round.

The walls and roof of our Treks are fitted with multi-layer polyester fibre insulation. The Trek comes with insulating blinds, preventing heat from escaping.
If the temperature drops close to zero (or even lower), we recommend “wrapping” the fabric of the pop-up roof in a thermal protective cover (available as an optional extra) to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep ‘under the stars’.

To ensure optimal comfort during all your trips, our Treks come with Webasto heating as standard. This standalone heating system heats the vehicle when the engine is switched off. Powered by petrol from the tank, it consumes very little (approx. 2L/24hr). Fully programmable, the Webasto heating system comes with its own remote control.